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When you are prosecuted for a motoring offence, it can have far reaching consequences. Being found guilty can result in the loss of your licence, increased insurance premiums, heavy fines, and in some cases a custodial sentence. Unfortunately, the law in this area is often complicated and representing yourself, even in the most straightforward cases, can be time consuming and stressfulAccordingly, it is vital to get the right legal advice.
At Dobson Fisher you will have access to expert lawyers who will use their vast experience of motoring law, courtroom advocacy, expert evidence, and police procedure to effectively fight your case. Even if you plead guilty, our well-prepared mitigation can make a significant difference to your case, limiting the impact on your licence and often your ability to drive.
Contact Dobson Fisher if:
  • You been served a ‘Notice of Intended Prosecution’
  • You have received a summons or been charged for a motoring offence
  • You have pleaded guilty and are due at court
  • You have been accused of speeding
  • You have been asked to attend the police station to be interviewed following an accident
  • You have been arrested for driving or being in charge of a vehicle whilst under the influence of drink or drugs
  • You have been accused of driving dangerously or without due care
  • You have been asked to take your documents to the police station
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